Win Fitness Tech Package Including Healthy Essentials Food Hamper

Right now, we’re having to find ways to be active at home, as it’s important for our physical and mental health. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun whilst doing it!

We want to hear the clever ways you’ve been working out. From dancing to hula hooping, have you got any wonderful ways to exercise you’d like to share with the nation?

Let us know below and you could be in line to win a fitness package including an Apple AirPods Pro, a Fitbit Smart Watch, a healthy essentials food hamper and a 12- month Headspace subscription.


You don’t need any special equipment, space or ability to work out at home – there are many different things you can do with opportunities and ideas online.

Exercising at home can be fun and enjoyable. It shouldn’t be a burden. Try dancing to the radio, doing star jumps during an ad break, or challenging the family to do push ups and bicycles – all can be done on the rug in the lounge!

Being active at home can also have many benefits, like giving you a sense of achievement, helping to relieve back pain or stiffness, and keeping you and the kids entertained.



Choose Your Exercise

Some examples from the Sport England hub of how to stay fit and healthy, mentally and physically…

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