Enjoy your summer garden – and win £2,000 with Wyevale Garden Centres

Summer’s nearly here - and that’s great news for us all as we enjoy our gardens in all their glory.

Enjoy your summer garden with Wyevale Garden Centres, who have a passion for gardens and everything in them. Classic FM’s Alan Titchmarsh is one of the UK’s best-known gardeners and he’s got some timely tips for you to follow at this time of year.

Together, Classic FM and Wyevale Garden Centres are offering you the chance to win £2,000 to put towards a garden makeover.

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Enjoy Your Summer Garden


Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a fair-weather gardener, we can all learn from the experts.

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Discover Wyevale Garden Centres

The seeds were sown for the Wyevale Gardens Centres story in the 1930s, when a keen gardener called Harry Williamson started selling roses in jam jars. His little enterprise grew and grew, and he opened the very first Wyevale Garden Centre in Hereford in 1961.

Today, there are more than 140 Wyevale Garden Centres across the country, and a thriving website. Harry Williamson would have been amazed. But at the heart of it all remains a passion for gardens and everything in them.

Wyevale Garden Centres want to spread the joy of gardening. That’s why, street by street, garden by garden, window-box by window-box, they aim to pass on ideas, inspiration and valuable tips to make garden-lovers of everyone.

They sell all sorts of plants and everything else, from compost to containers to garden furniture and barbeques.

Classic music and gardens were made for each other. Both inspire us, relax us and colour our lives.

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